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Your New Rescue Dog


If you have adopted a dog with us, there are lots of questions you may have and things you need to think about. Even if you have had a dog before, we highly recommend that you download, read or print the document below to make the transition easier for both you and your new family member. From keeping your dog safe, to microchipping, to feeding ... it is 4 pages packed with useful information.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.




Shop with companies who support JCDR:


Dog-e-Litz ... The Crazy Light Company have wonderful coats with flashing lights to help keep your new pooch safe when walking at night. The jackets not only keep your dog warm and cosy with the fleecy collar and inner, but it illuminates a ‘puddle of light’ so both dog and owner can be seen. Great for taking your dog near any traffic as you will always be seen and perfect for doggies who are a little mischievous and like to run a little further than you would like them too! Great prices from £12.99 - £26.99 (depending on the size of your dog). Just click on the picture below to be taken to their website:


Partner Links:


Every dog owner knows, that owning a pet doesn't always come without some hiccups along the way.


Therefore, we would like to share with you some of our contacts that who are familiar with our dogs and what we do!


Simply click on the logos below to be taken to their site:


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