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The Big Give Challenge 2020

Could YOU be one of our FANTASTIC 15?

If we told you that JCDR had the opportunity to raise £6000 but to do so we need 15 organisations or families to pledge to donate £100 each, would you, or your organisation/business be able to help?

This Christmas, JCDR has the chance to take part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge. To access Champion Funds to double our donations, we need to first secure £1500 in pledges by 28th August. Our 'Fantastic 15' will need to complete a pledge form in order for us to progress (you won't have to pay just yet!).

Pledges explained

It's essential that we gather these pledges in order to progress to the next stage where one donation will have TWICE the impact if we are lucky enough to be chosen by a donation champion who will double the pledge - how amazing is that!

Please give some thought to any organisations that could help us, or if as a family you are able to make a donation of this size. In return we are offering you free sponsorship of a dog of your choice or, if you’re a business or organisation then we will offer you the opportunity to showcase your business to our followers for a day plus presence on our website... sound good?

More information

We will publish further information and steps to pledge very soon, both here on our website and across our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for supporting JCDR!

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