AGE (when posted):







Approx 8/9 years old*


German Shepherd

The delightful Dorota is a female German Shepherd. She is approx age 8/9 years of age - but please don’t let that stop you from hearing her story.


Dorota arrived at the shelter about 6 months ago. She was wandering in one of the villages near Limassol with a piece of chain around her neck, in a very skinny state and dirty. She is a very smart and calm dog, is a very popular dog at the pound but we need her to be popular with a forever family, so that he can enjoy her walks well away from the confines of the shelter.

Dorota likes to take walks with both adults and children and is very good on the lead, preferring not to live with small dogs but she gets on well with her bigger canine companions. She was sharing her space with a young male dog who has now travelled to the UK. Dorota is feeling lonely and is patiently waiting for you to contact us and offer her a chance of happiness.


Adoption fee to be discussed and home check applies.


*please note that this is the estimate age of the dog at time posted on website


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