AGE (when posted):







About 2 - 3 years old *


Staffie / Lab cross

As you can see from the photos - this is one of our volunteers favourite dogs at the moment! A lovely dog! He is great with most other dogs and children (sometimes he can take a disliking to some bigger, dominant males).


He is fun, loving, caring and beautiful.  Gizmo isn't a firm favourite for no reason, it's because he greets the volunteers, he shows them love and affection, he loves them, just as they love him. He is great with children and mostly all dogs, females there is no issue, sometimes with males he can be a bit grumpy but we think this may be the environment he is in at present. 


*please note that this is the estimate age of the dog at time posted on website


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Please note that we are all volunteers (with full time jobs and families and commitments) ... sometimes we are travelling from Cyprus with dogs or rescuing them in the UK ... we may not get back to you immediately, but we will respond.

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