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Yappy Ever Afters

Below are some of the success stories we have had rehoming deserving dogs into their forever homes.



18 Feb 2019

Lilly went from looking after her puppies to be ing looked after herself. We're just over 2 weeks into our adventure together. She is still shaky about lots of things but everyday it seems that we make a some progress. Her little tail wags more as each day passes. I look forward to the day when she trots by my side as I walk along the river and stop off for a coffee at the many dog friendly pubs & cafes dotted amongst the marinas and country parks. I look forward to her coming with me to visit family and friends. I know these things are a way down the line - but we've made a start!


04 Feb 2019

Sid arrived in early December 2018 and turned our world upside down! He is crazy, loving, energetic and beautiful. He has fitted in so well. Sid thinks he's a cat at times, a dog at other... But, mostly a child!. He eats everything he shouldn't - including his bed. Sid is funny and loves our kids to the moon and back. There is never a dull moment with sid!


15 Nov 2015

Daisy adopted Ava: "I hope you don't mind me emailing you, I got your email address when you were asking for donations to your Charity Auction. At the time we received these emails, by beautiful labradoodle 'Dotty' had recently passed away and looking at your charity really touched my heart. Looking through the website, I fell in love with one little pup in particular ... since then, I have been through all of the processes and I am very happy to say I now have Ava (a pointer cross) from Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming, all the way from Cyprus!!! We love her and she is so at home with me, my partner Ben and our little cockapoo Meisie (both are the same age). So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your email and to let you know how far it went."


30 Dec 2015

Helen adopted Percy: "Percy is doing wonderfully. He's been on lots of interesting walks, made lots of doggy pals, and has been a joy to have around. He's very clever: he's learned that rolling in fox poo results in a bath, that if he stretches really hard he can empy the whole contents of the washing up bowl during the night, and that squirrels are VERY fun to chse! He's still not twigged that the cat swiping him is not a sign of friendship, or that I know he's the one gathering all the shoes in the hour onto my bed everyday!"


We love this example of what rehoming a dog can be like ... the ups and the downs ... but the MOST DEFINITELY WORTH IT!


06 Jan 2016

Helen adopted Riddick: "We adopted Riddick after wanting him when he was first posted on the website, but missed out to someone else because we were away on holiday. The new owners decided he wasn't for them, so he became available again and we snapped him up. He is the best decision we made in 2015. He is so good and very loving. He sleeps snuggled between me and my husband in our bed (but he thinks he owns the bed). We love him to bits. I have even given up my job to spend more time with him and I am trying to set up my own business so I can be with him. Thank you Jodie, Naomi and the team for everything you do."




06 Jan 2016

Shannon adopted Riley (was Buddy): "I'd wanted another dog for years, since my last one passed away. Finally, I managed to persuade my family to get one. I searched around a lot to find the perfect pooch and during the search, I found JCDR and originally was interested in another dog but after speaking to Jodie, she showed me Riley and I immediately fell in love. I was so excited to see him in the flesh and within the first few hours of him being home, I knew we had bonded. He is most certainly the best dog for me, and he is my best friend. He always sleeps in my room, and greets me at the door. He makes sure I'm never sad with all his goofiness. He is the best dog otu there I am very thankful everyday to have him in my life."




07 Jan 2016

Sian adopted Ludo & Jimmy: "Before volunteering at JCDR my family and I were looking for a third dog to join to our family. I found the Facebook page and got straight to looking. One day, a video was posted of a 6 week old puppy, called Ludo who was found in a covered man hole, left to die. He was so frightened and scared that I knew my family had to save him. We've been used to big dogs, Ludo is a first little! And it's one of the best things we have done! That little 6 weeks old, frightened puppy who trusted no one is now a confident, gobby, loving pooch who has been with us 2 years nearly. Once I joined the team, I saw many dogs. We were not looking for another dog when Jimmy cropped up. He was a ball of fluff that was licking everyone and anyone. I put a deposit down straight away and it's like he has always been apart of the family. He has now been with us a year, and he's a lovely boy! Adopting is the best thing we ever did!"




07 Jan 2016

Sarah adopted Jess (was Raven): "From start to finish, Jodie has been there for us. We found the process easy and extremely affordable. Communication has been great, and has continued with the whole team. They are there for advice on our little dog, even after adoption. Jess has been a blessing. She is the most appreciative and responsive dog I have ever seen at her age. We could not imagine life without her. She gives so much love and you can tell she is grateful. Jodie's team and family have made this process easy and stress free. Thank you so much everyone."




11 Jan 2016

Paul adopted Felix: "Looking for a new dog, we got in touch with Jodies Cyprus Dog Rehoming and Felix arrived a month or so later. He settled in straight away, which I was surprised at considering his journey over here. He is a pleasure to have around and gets on great with his big brother Ziggy, a border collie we rescued in 2009. Felix has adapted to the great British weather (after initially been reluctant to go out in the cold and rain), although he loves nothing better than going to sleep in front of a nice coal fire. He attends a training class every Sunday and is such a fast learner. We thank Jodie and all the team at JCDR for helping us adopt Felix and for all the great work they do in rescuing the dogs of Cyprus, without the rescue centre these dogs would not survive".




11 Jan 2016

Belle adopted George: "When we saw George online, we knew instantly that we needed him. He had his little ears back and the dopiest little grin on his face and his dodgy leg pointing out with real attitude. When we heard about his thyroid problem we were even more convinced. He'd been in the UK for months and no one had wanted him. We knew that we could give George all the love he could possibly want. When he and Jodie came for the home visit he jumped up every single piece of furniture possible - it was only when Jodie left that he began to settle down into his new home. Having a 'character' like George hasn't always been easy. He has bitten us, had a wee on almost the entire downstairs, been at the vet for a serious operation and destroyed a vast number of beds in only 9ish months. It has been the most worthwhile thing we have ever done. He gives us so much love, affection and care. He makes us laugh every single day and is always up for a snuggle now the biting has stopped! He has made our house a home and our lives full of love and joy. We don't know what we would do without him".




11 Jan 2016

Katie adopted Rubert: "We have had Rupert now for 6 months, I saw a video of him on the site and knew straight away that I wanted him. When he arrived he was so timid and very wary of men, he jumped at every sound. He's come to a very lively house with my 5 year old twin boys so I was worried he would struggle. I can't believe how well he has settled, he's amazing, so sociable and has such a character. Despite the boys being so loud, he spends most of his time with them and loves running off with their toys whilst they chase after him. He just loves people and loves lying with you for strokes and cuddles. Unfortunately he now seems to have taken to being in my bed very night leaving me no space. Thankyou to the team for getting him here".




11 Jan 2016

Frances adopted Percy: "My husband and I have always been dog lovers but never felt it was the right time to adopt a dog as we both worked full time. As soon as my husband became self employed, we immediately starting searching for our own little furbaby. Having looked at the local homes for months, and just not finding the right dog for us, I came across 'Peter' on your site. My love for him was at first sight! Knowing he was the one for us , I immediately messaged Jodie's and put a deposit on him. Around 6 weeks passed and at 2am on a dark Spring morning, Peter was dropped off at our front door. Peter, now named Percy, brought tears to our eyes. Small, timid and scared. It only took a few weeks but he soon settled in. My lovely little boy would follow us everywhere, even when he would be in a deep sleep and I would just move to fetch the remote! But we didn't mind, as he has brought so much joy to our lives! We could not have asked for a more beautiful little boy: loyal, so so loving, gentile, playful, fun, obedient, brilliant with other dogs, the list goes on..... It's nearly a year since we had Percy and he has transformed our lives. He is a local celebrity with most of the locals knowing his name and 'story'. I often joke to my husband that he should start taking a laminated leaflet out on his walks as every dog owner he meets always gets told about Percy's Cypriat background! He is loved by all the family and often stays with his grandma in the days when we are at work. He has lots of little friends and absolutely loves his twice daily country walks. I cannot thank the charity enough and tell everybody that I meet to look on the site if they are even remotely interested in getting a dog. If it had not been for Jodie's, we never would have met our perfect little boy and who knows what his fate would have been. We now have a little girl due in March, and we cannot wait for Big Brother Percy to meet her and become best buds no doubt".




21 Jan 2016

Lli adoptd JD: "JD was found in a bin bag witht he rest of the litter in Aya Napa on the side of the road ... just left to die. She lived with the guy who found her in an apartment who he shared with people working in the clubs. My son babysat her whilst her owner was on holiday in the UK ... and by this time she had been passed from pillar to post, living on food scraps that she could forage. Still to this day she is a little nervous eating her meals when humans are about (so we quietly leave the room). We gave her a doggy chew and she didn't know she could eat it. Now she loves them. Anyway, my son never wanted a dog as it didn't fit his life style, so with Jodie's help, we had her flown to the UK. I have travelled down the moterway to the airport in Larnaca where I have seen the dead dogs littering the motorway that have been dumped by the owners on the way to the airport. We just feel so glad we could help this one".




21 Jan 2016

Heather adopted Nellie: "You only have to look at the picture to see the difference in Nellie since she arrived in October. Thank you again! A friend described her as 'a complete bundle of joy and mischief'. Quite literally a big personality in a small white fluffy bundle!".




24 Jan 2016

Lisa adopted Bella: "We saw Bella and her sisters for the 1st time at the Cuan Wildlife Centre open day. My grandchildren and I fell in love. They had had a horrible journey to the UK with flight diversions and a much longer drive than planned. We visited Bella in her foster home with my husband a few days later and he also fell in love with her and after a homecheck we had Bella wth us within the week. This 4 month old pup was skin and bone and very much in need of love - for the 1st 24 hours she shook every time she was put down. We got her registered with a vet and got advice on correct feeding and her weight increased to a healthy one over the next few weeks. The vets had a number of Jodie's dogs on their books and took great interest and excitement at her 2 weekly weigh ins. Bella had to have some training from Gavin Beechey as it became apparent that she was terrified of other dogs. But after 1 session and a socialisation walk this was fixed. We now have the most loveable, loyal, funny dog ever. She leaves us speechless with her antics often - she ate an entire Christmas cake that was in a sealed tin on top of the bread bin on top of a work surface. She can now open the bread bin and help herself to a slice - so it's no longer in use. She has found numerous ways to get out of the garden - which have now all been fixed. She is bright girl and it is very amusing to see her trying to work out how to get what she wants on her terms and also very funny when she works out that you're a step ahead of her. Watching her learn to play was the best thing ever, she didn't know what to do the 1st time we threw a ball or frisbee. She is now 1 year old and only last week on a walk she saw a dog pulling a large branch - when we got home she found a large branch and has been dragging it round ever since. From our families point of view, my husband had sufferred depresion for 3 years and within 3 months of owning Bella this had lifted, her unconditional love gave him the help he needed. We get more exercise and the grandchildren spend a lot more time in local woodland, enjoying themselves - even in the rain! Bella means the world to us and is now very firmly a member of the family. We have taken her on holiday with us and introduced her to the sea, have taught her how to behave in pubs, shops and town centres, she has eaten ice cream at Lands End (only a small bit but her eyes closed with pleasure). We were concerned about taking on a puppy but we have had so much help and met so many new dog friendly people and it has had such a positive impact on our family that I recommend if you are considering it, then do it. Jodie's Cyprus Dogs Rehoming is a fantastic organisation and the dogs have often undergone more hardship than dogs in UK rescue centres but that only makes them more responsive to your love and care".




29 Jan 2016

Stephanie adopted Coco: "My partner Paul and I sadly lost our elderly dog Ollie to cancer in the summer of 2015. After a few months of a horribly empty house, I started looking into adopting from Cyprus. One day I saw a video clip of the tiniest, friendliest, happiest little dog called Coco on Jodies' Facebook page and that was it. We were in love! And after learning she had been dumped in a cardboard box with her siblings, then had survived parvo, she became even more precious. After a few weeks of nervous waiting for our homecheck and then another wait for Coco to fly over, we finally met our little girl in October of last year. And I can honestly say she is everything - and more - that we had hoped for. Coco is funny, cute and very, very affectionate. She loved snuffling through leaves in the Autumn and equally she loves the rain - which is just as well as we live in Lancashire! She does a cute little dance when her dinner is being brought to her and her favourite hobby is stealing your slippers off your feet. She is absolutely perfect and has fitted into our family like she's always been there. We love her to bits. Jodie and her Team Awesome are exactly that and we cannot thank them enough for everything they do for dogs in Cyprus. A special thank you to Lynn in Cyprus who looked after our little girl till she came to us. They are all amazing people and you're made to feel like a member of their team when you adopt. So thank you Jodie, love Stephanie, Paul and Coco xx".




29 Jan 2016

Hannah adopted Rusty: "Rusty came into my life in July 2015. As soon as I met him I knew he was an affectionate, clever little dog. He fitted into our family straight away and he quickly bonded with me, my children, my other dog and my cats! He was easy to house train and he is so eager to please. Everyone loves him and he has brought us all so much joy. I'm so grateful to Jodie and her team for rescuing him and giving him the happy life he deserves. He loves to run and play everyday. He is a smashing little dog".




01 Feb 2016

Julia adopted Rex and Daisy: "I had been following Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming for quite a while, looking for a dog that needed to be loved as I had a lot of love to give. My Shar Pei Saskia who I had from a pup was 15 years old & I knew It wasn't long before she would have to go to Rainbow Bridge. Saskia could never be replaced but I needed a companion who could help me through her passing. That's when I saw Rex on Jodie's CDR. Rex was a very nervous dog when he first came to our family but with so much love he's become a very confident, loyal, loving dog. When I see him running around with a smile on his face he just melts my heart. Saskia lived for another 18 months & Rex was respectful & protective of her. Also in that time Daisy came to me for fostering but my husband & I fell in love with her to so decided to keep her. Daisy is a real mummy's girl & very mischievous. When it was time for me to let Saskia go to Rainbow Bridge I was in pieces absolutely heartbroken. Rex & Daisy were the reason I still managed to get up each morning. They keep me smiling everyday & I am so grateful for Jodie CDR bringing them into my life".




04 Apr 2014

Lucy adopted Douglas: "After moving home from Australia 4 years ago, I have wanted a dog but we lived in rented accommodation where I was not allowed pets. When we were in a position to start looking ... we scoured the local rescue websites, and not finding one suitable, I turned to Facebook. A friend pointed me towards Jodie's website and I didn't have to look far ... there was a picture of a little pup with scruffy hair and a cheeky face and I knew he was the one for us! We love our little man and couldn't imagine life without him now. We can't thank Jodie and her team enough for everything they have done."




02 Feb 2016

Sophie adopted Felix: "Felix arrived on 4th October 2015. He was timid yet excited and was much smaller than I'd expected. He was so cute and I loved him instantly ... even though he peed on the bed!!! We don't know his past story but we do know that he is is a happy, healthy and lively puppy and has an amazing family of cats, one of which he loves greatly".




06 Feb 2016

Sarah adopted Monty (was Mouser): "We adopted Monty from Jodie over a ago. He was very under weight as was found on death's door. We had not long lost one of our old dogs, and still had one. Monty is almost two now and doing well. He protects my little boy that is just over two and is a really good dog".




07 Feb 2016

Elke adopted Archie: "I had been thinking about adopting a dog for years. My eldest daughter is autistic and relates to animals, and dogs in particular, very much. After meeting a very friendly dog last summer, my 2nd daughter also wanted a dog in her life. My youngest was very weary around dogs and I felt a dog would be great for her too, as I wanted to prevent her developing a phobia. I started looking around, but struggled to find a charity that was happy to let a family with a young child *and* a cat. Then one day a friend who knew I was looking for a dog tagged me in Archie's Facebook post. He sounded perfect: a calm, friendly, cat tolerant, child friendly dog. He's been with us for a week now and pretty much perfect. My youngest is past her fear of dogs, my eldest is more smiley and chatty & has a friend. He's wonderfully calm, a huge lover of people & fuss. He basically thinks he is an oversized lap dog! The cat has come round to having a dog in the house too. I think Archie is happy to be here too. With 6 people in the house his high need for fuss & cuddles is certainly getting met!".




10 Feb 2016

Kieta adopted Millie (was Cookie): "We saw Cookie on a video that a friend had shared on her Facebook and I fell in love with the puppies instantly! I spoke to my husband and we had a long talk about it. Cookie was a dachshund cross and I have wanted a dachshund for a long time, but we already had a dog (albeit a very good dog and we knew she would cope well with a puppy as we had fostered for my brother when his puppy was rejected from the litter). I made contact with the girls at JCDR and they took all my information and the deposit amount, and gave me details on how to pay and arranged a home visit. I received the adoption pack within a couple of days and sent it straight back. We flew through our home visit, which was great, and then it was full steam ahead for puppy time. We met Jodie on windy day in a Kent service station car park, and we finally got our little Cookie, who we have renamed Millie. My children absolutely adore her, she is very funny and really soft and gentle and she has a great personality. For the first couple of days she was terrified of my dog, even though Lola was very gentle with her. It took them a few days to find their rhythm but now they are firm friends. They sleep together, walk together and play together (even if Lola doesn't really want to). Millie fits in so well in our family and despite a few "teething" problems (she is a nibbler), it really feels like she has been here as long as my other dog. Millie is a firm favourite in our house and I know she loves us just as much as we love her. So thanks Jodie and your team we couldn't have done it without you".




14 Feb 2016

Tanya & Fletch adopted Iona: "We adopted Iona last July from Jodie's website and couldn't have wished for a more loving & loyal dog - having been found on the streets of Cyprus with her sister (who has also successfully been adopted by another family). Iona was at first quite nervous but with patience & loving from us Iona has settled into country life in Somerset. Her best friend is one of our rescue cats, Arthur! and she lives happily alongside our other two cats, ducks & chickens. We are surrounded by fields and she loves nothing more than long walks, and exploring the hedgerows. She is now very comfortable in other people's presence, and enjoys the odd outing to the pub where she is made a fuss of by the locals. Thanks Jodie & team for all your hard work in finding loving homes for all the dogs."




15 Feb 2016

Helen adopted Anna (was Banana): "We lost our beautiful Honey (a UK rescue) in May. We knew we should play it forward with another rescue but had summer plans so agreed we would look after the summer. While on a beach in Spain I saw a video on Facebook where Lynn started with "if anyone wants a cuddly beagle this is the dog for you". At that point my heart melted. Honey had left behind her younger beagle brother Eddie and he was suffering with his confidence not having her about. I reserved Anna (was Banana) while in Spain and had my home check a day after returning. All the volunteers at Jodie's were amazing and told me everything I needed to know about Anna. The day she arrived I felt sick with excitement but was updated with her progress. Jodie and the team have kept in touch and Anna has settled in so well. Eddie has a new lease on life playing with his new little sister and Anna is now the pampered princess she deserves to be. She has her best friend Peggy, who is a fellow Cyprus rescue, and she enjoys running around the farm in while I see to my horses. I can't recommend Jodie's enough. I always knew they were there and I am so thankful they gave us a chance to have our little princess.."




17 Feb 2016

Alex adopted Remus (was Max) and Nelson: "Last year I lost my best buddy, Rissa after 8 years of wonderful adventures together. I had a gapping hole in my life so decided to adopt a rescue through JCDR. After speaking to the team and looking through the pages I fell in love with Remus (who was Max at the time). Just before he was due to fly out the shelter was attacked and he a number of other dogs were poisoned. It was so heartbreaking to hear but fortunately, thanks to the quick work by the team at Dog Valley, he survived and was able to come to his new home in Scotland. Despite his beginnings he has settled into the most beautiful, calm and loving boy. He is such a character and always wants cuddles. Shortly after adopting Remus I decided I wanted to adopt one of his friends at the shelter and just over a month ago Nelson (another dog that was poisoned) joined us and completed our family. The boys get on so well and Nelson is just a bouncy bundle of fun that always keeps me entertained. Everyone comments on their loving (and goofy) personalities. I couldn't imagine my life without them. Adopting these two boys, watching them play together and fall asleep in front of the fire, it's the best thing I've ever done. I can't thank the team enough for everything they've done."




18 Feb 2016

Jo adopted Costa: "I hadn't had a dog in my life for around 10 years, and was now in a position to have one join my family. My little boy Harry was very excited to be getting a puppy. I heard about Jodie's Cyprus Rescue Dogs through Kristen Birt, a friend who helps with the Charity. She sent some photos, and there he was: Costa the most adorable scruffy yorkie cross! Instant love! I cannot tell you how well he has fitted in to family life. He is the most friendly, happy little chap, and we all adore him. He even comes to work with me in my barbers, and is a instant hit with my customers. I can't thank Jodie and her amazing team for bringing Costa into our lives. There are many more of these beautiful dogs that need a loving home through no fault of there own, so if your thinking about it, do it! I'm so glad I did. I can't imagine life without our little Costa now."




18 Feb 2016

Jennifer adopted Rufus (as Spike): "I adopted Rufus from JCDR last year. He came home to me at end of October. I already had a Jack Russell puppy and Rufus has been great with him from the start. Rufus is a lovely, playful dog. I was lucky as he was housetrained as well! Throughout the adoption process Sian (who dealt with it) was brilliant. I cannot speak highly enough of Team Awesome both at JCDR and Dog Valley where Rufus originally came from. These people really put the dogs first. To anyone thinking of adopting a dog through this charity go for it you will not regret it!"




03 Mar 2016

Gemma, Woody & Eden adopted Doris (was Petra): "Last summer we adopted a beautiful boy called Wally from a charity working to rehome dogs from Serbia. He came and stole our hearts entirely but we realised quickly that we wanted to help another pooch and at the same time provide a friend for Wally as although he is a happy dog, we think he missed having furry friends around. We had been following Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming and had seen a cheeky little pup pop up and had kept returning to her picture. After proper discussion (taking on another dog is a serious commitment) we decided to email Jodie about her, although we thought the little one would probably have gone. We were told that her home had just fallen through and we were lucky enough to be next in line. After a home check we were told she would be with us late Jan but had an unexpected but very exciting email to say she had arrived in early December! So that's when Doris became our new baby girl. She is a cheeky little thing, so full of life and character. Wally was a little confused at first, especially as he is so laid back and she is a little hectic. But after a couple of weeks he got used to her and just rolls his eyes when she's trying to wrestle him. She has learnt wonderfully from him. She is house trained and walks off the lead in the park. Following him around like an excited toddler. She is a little oddball, and makes us laugh so much. We are so pleased she came to us, and that we could offer her a home. Rehoming our 2 babies is one of the best things we have done. We wish we had more money and a bigger house to help more and more as there are so many beautiful dogs that haven't had a chance to shine. We have made a huge difference in their lives, and them in ours. We can't imagine life without them! Jodie and her team do an incredible job saving and looking after these amazing dogs and just giving them a chance in life. We do the easy bit xxx"


13 Mar 2016

Marvin & Angela adopted Bruno: "Our son James was a foster home for Bruno in Cyprus. We visited him in October and met Bruno and we both fell in love with this very laid back puppy who was so gentle with the grandchildren. We came home and decided to offer to adopt him. Jodie and the team brought him over for us in January of this year. He has settled in really well and is such a character. He is learning that the cats are in charge although occasionally thinks they would like to play,quickly being put in his place. Bruno loves his walks along the beach and does not seem to mind that the sea temperature is a little chilly compared to Cyprus. He has chewed a few things but you can not be mad with him when he looks at you with those big eyes."


01 May 2016

Ann adopted Effie: "The lovely Effie came to me after a long journey via planes and Channel Tunnel. I picked her up from the charity shop site at Midnight on17th March 2016. She has been the most wonderful companion. After only 10 days she had to get used to sharing the house with two other adults and two little children (it was the Easter holidays)! We visited Wales and Blackpool and joined doggy school. She is a star at school and is very clever and quick to learn new things. We go on walks twice a day and there are so many country bridleways and Meres to visit, as well as canal towpaths. Effie meets new dogs and people every day. It took a while for Effie to know how to play with her toys but I'm glad to say that she has now got the hang of it, including stealing my slippers!! Effie's passport says she will be 1 year old on Sunday 1st May, I feel a party coming on! 🎂Thanks to all at Jodie's Cyprus Dogs Rehoming."


04 May 2016

Sandra adopted Daisy (was Fire): "Fire (now Daisy) has settled down well. To start with she was noisy at night when she went in her crate, but she quickly got used to it and is quite happy and quiet. Libby my Border Terrier wasn’t too sure as Daisy was very rough with her!! Luckily Libby soon got the hang of Daisy and they play all the time which was a relief to me. They also curl up to sleep together, very sweet! I had my treasured 11 year old Rottie put to sleep in December and I was devastated about that - poor Libby was also lost without him, so Daisy has a big hole to fill in our lives. She is certainly well on her way to doing that as we are so happy to have her - even when she is being annoying - and love her to bits. Daisy is going to puppy class now, really for socialisation - she is a bit timid around other dogs but braver by the day! As for her training I have found her very quick to learn and she does all the normal things, sitting, high fives, lying down and recall (mostly good) and good on the lead, learning not to pull! We go out every day and she meets people and other dogs, to start with she was a bit scared of ‘walkies’ - but every day she gets more confident. She is also happy round the two donkeys that I have here!So thank you all at JCDR for letting me have this pup. You do an amazing job and I love looking at your facebook page and reading the stories."


21 May 2016

Jessica adopted Milka: "I adopted Milka because a friend of mine rescued a dog from JCDR and recommneded. I already had one rescue dog, just seeing their happy faces after a sad start in life brings me so much joy and happiness you just can't describe it. I wanted another dog saw a picture of Milka and fell in love with her cheeky face! She has settled into farm life very well every morning wakes up with a smile on her face she has fitted in very well with the horses comes hacking with me every day she is just perfect in every way even my horse loves her!""


12 May 2016

Mandy adopted Dave: Dave was in a terrible condition when he was found and we were worried he wouldn't make it.
With some love and care, his health improved and Mandy saw the love he could give. Now look at him!


12 May 2016

Richard & Kerry adopted Bella & Jordan: Richard and Keri selected Bella (who was dumped with her brothers and sisters) and offered her a forever home. At the same time, Jordan (a firm favourite at the shelter) was not that luckly, until they offered him a foster home at the same time as adopting Bella.  Richard and Keri fell in love with Jordan while fostering him ... so much that they decided to adopt him too!! Look at that perfect pair!


12 May 2016

Michele adopted Angel (was Duchess): Michele had been a long time supporter, and messaged JCDR about adoption. Angel had recently been rescued by a ship's Captain after hearing her cries. She was found shoved in a hole, with her mouth tapped shut. The vets took her in, checked her over, got her healthy and asked us for help to rehome her.  We immediatly knew she was the perfect fit for Michele and her family. Angel now goes to work with Michele as a service dog helping people. What a fabulous life she now has!


12 May 2016

Michelle adopted Midnight: Homing a larger dog is always a challenge, but Michelle saw past Midnight's size. Midnight was living on a chain and craved affection from those passing by. This big baby now has all the love he deserves and needs! Another happy story!


21 May 2016

Laura adopted Sharekenzo: Sharek was born at the shelter and stayed with his mummy Violet until his flight. He was moved to the rehoming centre a week or 2 before his flight, where we got to see his real personality when he ran and played with all the other puppies (always under the watchful eye of his Mum). Then, he was offered his forever home and flown to the UK. Sharek has only been in his home a matter of days and already is apart of the furniture! Happy life baby!


21 May 2016

Suzanne adopted Grace: "It's been one year today since we collected Grace from her wonderfull foster family. We can't believe how quickly the time has gone. She felt like our dog from the moment we got home. Yes there have been a few issues, we couldn't walk her past black bin bags on bin days, she still dislikes white transit vans, she can't walk past advertising boards, she hated the lawn mower and vacuum cleaner ... and the broom ... but these are all minor things. She was just unfamiliar with lots of household things. We have an amazing dog she brings so much fun to our house. If we are a bit late with her walk she talks to us, she can be quite vocal, not barking but a sort of ra, ra rar sound. She causes quite a stir where ever we go, people want to know what she is. Is she husky or Collie? She loves to be petted and will sit for ever while a new friend makes a fuss of her. When anyone asks about her I always use it as an opportunity to plug Jodie's Charity. Grace has adapted to every situation we have taken her into, apart from upstairs on a London bus (she wasn't keen on coming back down). The first time on the London Underground she just lay down and slept. I know we have been very lucky with Grace but these Cyprus pooches do seem to have a very laid back outlook to life in the main. All dogs are going to have elements of hard work, but they are so worth it. Thanks to everyone who was involved in rescuing Grace, fostering her and making it possible for us to adopt a special little dog with huge ears. Love the Butcher family."


23 May 2016

Emma adopted Rolo and Wispa: "Our family dog passed away a couple of years ago and it wasn't the same around the house so we decided to get another dog and came across Jodie's Rehoming page on Facebook and knew we really wanted to get a rescue dog and could give them a happy home. We then saw a video of Rolo who was about 1.5 years and feel in love with her.  Her sad story (being left in a field to survive) had us wanting to help even more. She arrived in the UK and we couldn't imagine our home without her now she's the sweetest dog ever who just is happy to get some cuddles. During the first couple of months, she used to hide her food (presumably because she use dto have to, to survive) but that stopped and she is so much more confident now. After 4 months, we saw Wispa who was a puppy and thought a friend for Rolo would be great and now they have been together a year and it's like they have lived together forever and can't be separated, play together and sleep together. I would totally recommend giving a home to a rescue dog as all they want is to be loved and your never regret it x"


23 May 2016

Steve adopted Layla (was Frini): "5 weeks on and Layla (formerly Frini) is doing great, settled in to the family well and now house trained. Loves running round the garden and sunbathing when she gets the chance, obviously not too many of those days in Aberdeen but she makes the most of it when she can. She's started training with a retired Police Dog Handler and taking to it very well, surprising him given she's a hound and he's used to training German Shepherds for police work and Spaniels for sniffer dog ops.She's had a couple of check-ups and boosters at the Vet and everything great, putting on weight and growing every day. She is good at socialising as well although a little timid to start with when meeting other dogs at the park and she's great with kids. The only person she doesn't like is the Postie!!!! Must be something about their uniform or red van that dogs don't like as she's met our postie without uniform and she was fine with him!! Everywhere we take her people ask what kind of dog she is and where we got her, so plenty of people round Aberdeen now know about JCDR if they didn't before!!!"


23 May 2016

Sue and Martin adopted Bambi (was Kisses): "When Kisses, now Bambi, was lifted out of your van in Shrewsbury on Friday night we couldn't believe how tiny she was - tiny but with long, gangly legs. But what a huge character she is. She has won over our Jack Russell, Millie, and is being very respectful to our grumpy old Border Terrier, Sooty. She is a great ambassador for your charity, charming everyone she meets. She has settled in so well as part of the family. Thank you so much for doing what you do to help dogs like Bambi. And apologies again to Sian for bombarding her with questions in the lead up to the adoption :)"


23 May 2016

Sarah adopted Suki: "I saw Suki on JCDR Facebook and instantly fell in love with her. I reserved her there and then and awaited eagerly for my homecheck. After passing that and a long 5 week wait she was finally flying over. Suki has been with us 5 days now and she is an absolute dream!! She is so well behaved and loving. She's fabulous with my kids and friends even other dogs. She is so caring and friendly. She is my shadow and we have an unbreakable bond already. I am so glad that JCDR allowed me to give her the forever home she truly deserves!! She is an absolute diamond and we all love her very much!! Xxx"


02 Jul 2016

Suzanne adopted Lilly: "We adopted Lilly (was Lemon) in July 2014. She was just six weeks old when she was abandoned with her sibling (Ice) on the streets of Cyprus. She arrived in the UK in August 2014. She is so loyal and loving and likes nothing more than digging her way under the duvet when it's time for bed! Lilly settled in very quickly and soon became best of friends with our three other pooches: Samson, Misty and Dexter. Lilly now lives by the sea with us, on the Lincolnshire coast. When I let her off the lead and see her running free along the sands it makes me so grateful of all the hard work JCDR do to find so many dogs their forever homes. Without JCDR, our Lilly's life could have been so very different. Two of my friends have since gone on to adopt from JCDR too! A big thank you to all!!"


01 Aug 2016

Lynda adopted Oscar: "I lost my two rescue dogs last year and said never again. Then someone told me they had adopted a dog from Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming. I just went onto the website and although I was never having another dog I saw Oscar and lost my heart. Suddenly the time was right, I had taken VR at work, my daughter was due to have a baby in July. The only thing that was a must on my "shopping list" was that the dog was child friendly. Anything else could be sorted. My last two dogs had been in a shelter in Taiwan for 7 and 7 1/2 years and they settled so quickly that I thought Oscar would do the same. I had my doubts when I caught a video Lynn had uploaded that her grandson Oskar had made pleading the cases of the dogs in the shelter. When it came to Oscar, he said anyone that wants Oscar can have him, he is a good boy but you need to train Oscar. In the next few sentences he emphasised 6 times that Oscar needs training but it wasn't his fault because he has always been in kennels. At 2.30 on a Sunday morning the little chap got out of Jodie's van with his tail between his legs. He got into our car, had a sniff around then settled down for the 90 minute journey home. The rest is history. He is so well behaved (unless he thinks I have left him and he collects anything with my scent on). He loves to play with every dog or person he meets on our walks and people can not believe he was from a shelter. My philosophy is that everyone should adopt and not buy, a shelter dog has learned the rules from the older wiser dogs and this leads to far less problems when mixing with new dogs when out and about. They know what is acceptable behaviour around other dogs."


09 Aug 2016

Alison adopted Pepper (was Cindy): "Pepper has been with us for two months and she and Rocket are great pals, playing happily with each other (when he lets go of his ball). She has put on some weight and settled happily into her new home. Alison x"


09 Aug 2016

Terri adopted Glyka: "I had my heart set on Glyka the second I saw her unusual eyes on the website! I showed my fiancee who also fell in love with her but we were in the process of buying our first home. I watched the website (and drove Naomi mad!) asking questions and checking to see if she had been snapped up. When we got our moving date, I couldn't wait any longer. At this point, I had just begun volunteering for the charity and I placed my deposit on her. We were both very excited to get our new addition home! I was very lucky that I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at the Rehoming Centre in Cyprus, and met first met Glyka in person at Vati. She had my heart straight away and I knew I had made the right decision (although I wished I could have brought her a selection on friends back from Vati too!). I was very fortunate to bond with Glyka during my 12 days in Cyprus and then transported her back to the UK with me. For this, I feel blessed, as I now look at her and can remember where she came from, knowing that she will now have a great life. My furbaby is only 8 and a half months old, and she was robbed of her puppy years in those kennels, but she is now making up for lost time with endless cuddles, love and squeaky toys! Glyka is happy, and we are overjoyed. Adopting Glyka was the best decision I have made, and it has made our little family complete. I feel extra special that I have been able to follow her from the kennels to my doorstep, and I wouldn't change her for the world."


13 Sep 2016

Sian adopted Rue: "Being a part of the charity for 2 years now, I have visited Cyprus a fair few times, and each time, you want to bring a dog back with you. This year a visited and fell in love with a dog called "Lulu" who I had re-named Dotty. She was due to come home in June/July, but sadly, passed away suddenly. The support and love I received from the team was not only admirable, it was a huge help. I was an adopter who lost her pup. It didn't matter I was apart of the team. Time went on and I wasn't actively looking for another dog, I had three as it was and a cat. I was still heartbroken over Dotty, so I carried on trying to do my part in the team. Then, one day, a puppy popped up, sad eyes that had a story to tell already at such a young age. You know when a dog is supposed to be with you, you just know. She was found in a busy road in Cyprus, so tiny and vulnerable, all on her own. So, my 3 were about to grow to 4. I put a deposit down straight away. She reminded me of Dotty. So, Rue was on her way to be with my family. The month of her flight, our puppies contracted Parvo, which is highly contagious. We lost 3 puppies, and I felt dread thinking of Rue. Surely enough, events repeated themselves and Rue was rushed to the vet, with parvo. I was told she was fighting, but of course, the disease is so fierce her little body may not manage to fight it off. I spent a while waiting, hoping. I had updates from the team in Cyprus (who went out of their way to give me info and visit and send me photos to keep me high spirited) the vets were amazing sending me little snippets of information, and I then received the most amazing news that she was eating again, and she got to come home! Sitting on Jodie's little girls lap. The team work tirelessly, and helped me, regardless of whether I am part of the team or not, to keep me updated, to help Rue, and to make her better. Rue came home last night, my Husband (who isn't as much of a dog lover admittedly) and I picked her up, and it's as if she has always been here! I have caught my husband playing with her, playing guitar to her, and chatting to her, so I think she has made an impression on him! She has met the 3 other pooches (2 of which are Jodie's rescues too!), the family, and the cat, and it couldn't have gone better! She is a cheeky, hyper, playful ball of fun and I cannot stop smiling looking at her. A pooch that not too long ago may not have had such a happy story, is now in a warm, comfy, loving home where she will be forever, with her new adoptive brothers and sister. There are SO many dogs out there, ALL deserving. If you are ever considering adoption, my advice, go for it. If you have the room and love to give, do it. You will never regret it. The love and happiness you get from a once lost soul is humbling. I am sat here, with my pup sat by my side sleeping peacefully, I can't think of anything better! "


13 Sep 2016

Sheila adopted Cole: "I love this photo of Cole enjoying his new sofa. He is such a happy little boy. We are so pleased we saw him fell in love with him. We recommend all to look ... there are such a lot of lovely dogs needing our love" 


13 Sep 2016

Susan adopted Thea: "I found a small photo on Jodie's page of Thea. I contacted the Charity straight away and had a response back straight away . The ladies of the rescue have been fantastic ... giving me loads of information about Thea all the way through the process. She is an absolute little beauty, so well mannered and very gentle and an absolute dream to walk on the lead. She has not made a mess in the house and has made her self comfortable straight away on the sofa and chairs! (ha ha). Thea is lovely dog, we are so glad that I have adopted her from Jodie's rescue" 


13 Sep 2016

Sasha and Dan adopted Bobby: "We collected Bobby about 6 weeks ago and it was an all round anxious time when our resident cat Henry took an immediate dislike and moved out for days at a time. 6 weeks on, we are now one happy family!! Bobby has come on leaps and bounds, he's learnt lots of great tricks, he can be fully trusted off lead and loves nothing more than a good nap!! His love of halloumi cheese and burger baps have admittedly ruined a few dinner times, but we would not be without this cheeky chap!! He's most certainly here to stay!! :)" 


13 Sep 2016

Kerry adopted Fatsa: "We just wanted to share how well Fatsa is settling with us and how great he is - so responsive and adaptable and good fun! Also think the foster home must have done great work with him, and the people at the kennels - he is so well house trained and very good on the lead now too which was still an issue in his website profile - I was on the beach with him today and someone (another dog owner) said they had never met such a well behaved rescue dog! He was shy with other dogs at first but is starting to be more confident with them and LOVES to play ... he also loves my daughter and her friends.The only one who doesnt love him (predictably) is our cat but I am sure even she will come round in time. It is very hard to believe he has been with us less than 3 days!!! He really has 'come home'. Huge thanks, including the wonderful people who drove through the night to get him all the way to Edinburgh!" 


01 Oct 2016

Jane adopted Zojo (now Joe): "We never intended to get our first Cyprus rescue, Daisy, but adopted her from the local rescue centre as company for our little sheepdog when we lost our other dog. She had come out of Paralimni dog pound in Cyprus, a discarded hunting dog, and we loved her the moment we met her. She turned out to be the sweetest, best natured dog we had ever had and she even charmed our little sheepdog who we were not convinced would take to another dog very easily. A couple of years on when we thought of adding another dog to the family there was no question of where it had to come from. We found Zojo (Joe to us) on the JCDR website and then looked him up on Facebook. He was another failed (or simply discarded) hound type, hunting dog, still located at their homing centre in Cyprus and from his description was ideal for us. Our contact with the team at Jodies reassured us about the ease of adopting straight from Cyprus and the whole process was straightforward. Joe was delivered to within a couple of miles of us, a very frightened little chap, but a real sweetie from the very first. He has turned out to be just as described, just as good natured as Daisy and absolutely delightful. 19 days after arrival he has settled in beautifully. He gets on with our other dogs, can be trusted to run free on our small farm and has never dreamt of touching any of our livestock – better than we expected. He loves nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa at night. Very many thanks to the whole team at JCDR from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing Joe, looking after him in Cyprus and getting him safely to us to enrich our lives (and we think he is probably truly thankful too!)”


04 Oct 2016

Lynda adopted Darren: "We looked after another of JCDR's rescue dogs for my friend whilst she was away on holiday. When she went home we missed her terribly, so we decided to help and adopt our own. We chose Darren and are so happy that we did. he is such a handsome boy. He loves the attention he is receiving and is already one of the family. If you are having doubts about adopting one of these poor animals then dont!!! They all deserve a forever home and the guys looking after them while they wait for that special person to adopt them deserve a lot of credit. They are all fantastic. SO go for it you too could be having as much fun as we are.”


04 Oct 2016

Catherine adopted Aris (now Porridge): "More than happy ... After losing our beloved greyhound a few months previous, I couldn't face having another as no dog would ever live up to him. We decided that we might like to adopt a younger, lab type dog. When Porridge's (was Aris) litter came up, both my husband and I filled out an adoption form, unbeknown to each other!! Fast forward a few weeks and Porridge arrived!! We could not have asked for a more intelligent, trainable, lovable rogue. He's an absolute joy to own and has slotted in to our lives so easily, including living with Muffin our cat! I would (and have!) whole heartedly recommend adopting from you. Thanks for finding and saving our little P man”


04 Oct 2016

Stu adopted Dixie: "It seems that many families would recognise our story. We originally contacted the main charities and dog rehoming societies within the UK, only to be told that our children were too young for us to be considered for rehoming a rescue dog. We were told by a friend to look into getting a dog from a Cypriot charity. Initially we were not sure if it was all legal and allowed ... until we found "Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming". It was immediatley obvious that Jodie's team were very passionate about giving the dogs that find their way into their care a new start. After much reading and researching we started to look at the dogs that needed rehoming. We wanted a young dog, not a pup and after browsing we found Dixie. Her story touched us. She had pups with her at the time who were all being rehomed but not her. We enquired about her and made contact with Sian. We mainly dealt with Sian and she was brilliant! Very quick to answer any questions we had. The whole process has been a pleasure. After 6 weeks Dixie arrived with us. We could not wait to meet her. The description of Dixie was spot on. Her temprament is lovely and she is a very good dog already. She has settled quickly into her life and routine with us. I have managed to train her on the basics already. All in all we are a very happy family with a very happy Dixie. Thankyou Jodies Cyprus Dog Rehoming for helping us find our forever dog.”


04 Oct 2016

Carmen adopted Lola (sent to Naomi the day after adopting): ”OMG ... we are over the moon ... she is absolutely perfect ... and even more beautiful in real life (which I didn't think was possible). We've just come back from a nice long walk down the canal. She's really happy ... still having a good look around everywhere ... and having lots of love. Your charity is amazing!"


11 Nov 2016

Amanda adopted Shona: ”We adopted Shona and she was very shy and clingy at first but she has come out of her shell and loves everyone. She has made lots of human and doggy friends and even loves Kevin the cat. We are really glad we found JCDR and think the tireless work they do is amazing. We are also grateful to Alla in Cyprus who found and fostered Shona after she was abandoned. We can't imagine being without her now."


11 Nov 2016

Pip and James adopted Rita (now Lolita): ”We definitely have a happy dog story - and a happy human story too! Following the death of our beloved greyhound last November, we finally felt ready to adopt another dog this summer.  Having three cats in the household already and not quite a 6 foot high fence as some rescue centres stipulate, we logged an enquiry with your JCDR and swiftly received a telephone call. We explained that we had no preferences as to type or age of dog but that they must be good with cats and not likely to jump the fence. We were recommended Rita (now renamed Lolita). On collection day, as most dogs timidly exited the van after their long journey, Lolita burst out full of exuberance and nothing has changed since.  She is a complete bundle of enthusiasm and energy and makes us and the many people she has met smile.  She is such an unusual looking dog (Shar pei cross Lab?) that we are frequently stopped with questions of "what is she?" and comments upon how beautiful she is.  She has fitted in brilliantly and is a joy to have around - a real bonus addition to our household.  We feel so lucky to be the guardians of Lolita and cannot thank JCDR enough for bringing us together".

From Pip & James."


05 Dec 2016

Gail adopted Otto: ”I was not adopting a dog from abroad as I thought there were too many in England - how wrong I was! Otto, our gorgeous pointer/beagle cross was obviously meant to be. We lost our previous dog in March and weren't in too much of a hurry to replace him. However our daughter had different ideas and had found Jodie's website and tracked Otto for weeks. Otto was being fostered in a Scotland and was on his way back to Shrewsbury. However he was being temporarily fostered on his way back - 2 miles from us! We met him that week and fell in love with him immediately. We adopted him as soon as the paperwork was done and it's like he's always been here and it's only been 3 weeks! He's great with our 17 month granddaughter and she loves cuddling him - as we do. Thank you everyone who helped rescue him - we love him to bits."


07 Dec 2016

Sharon adopted Kanella Lilly (now Rosie): ”We adopted Kanella Lilly, now Rosie, after hearing about JCDR from a friend that had also adopted from there and had become a volunteer. Rosie was already in foster in the UK, so we were able to find out a lot about her and how she was in a home environment which we found very helpful. We learnt that she was very timid and especially scared of men so was aware that she would take time to settle. I instantly bonded with her and she's my little shadow following me everywhere and enjoys lots of cuddles and even sleeps under our bed! She's brilliant with the kids but still a little nervous around my husband but making progress everyday. She's a gorgeous, loving and well behaved dog that fits in with our family perfectly, would definitely recommend JCDR."


09 Dec 2016

Sabine adopted Jay (now Bramble): ”We decided to adopt a dog quite a while ago, in August. Our first addresses were of course the local shelter and the ones further away. We kept an eye on numerous websites, went to the big cities a few weekends in a row, without success. As a young couple living in a flat and both working full time (even though not at the same time) we weren't the jackpot adopters the big charities were looking for. Frustrated, we almost thought about buying a puppy when we came across charities that rescue dogs from abroad, and found Jodie's to look very professional and asked about two dogs on the website. The contact person, Sian, replied quickly and was very friendly. She answered all our questions, sent videos and helped us decide to adopt Jay (now Bramble). When the date of his flight was set we had enough time to prepare our home and lives for him as much as possible. Finally the arrival day came, and we met Jodie and Naomi in Carlisle, where a little sleepy and hungry dog jumped out of the charity van and took our hearts immediately. The first hours were very exhausting but Jodie and her team were there to help and answered all our questions. We have had little Bramble for a month now, he has caught up on his normal weight and he is just the best dog we could have ever asked for. He loves food so training him is easy, he is loving and protective. All the things he was scared of initially (bikes, cars, noise...anything really) he now accepts. The only thing he doesn't like and probably never will is strangers. We are very grateful to the charity for giving us a chance and bringing little Bramble into our lives, and we like to believe he's enjoying life with us too."


19 Dec 2016

Claire adopted Ella: ”We have had Ella now for about 10 wks and she is doing just fine. Still nervous of meeting new people, loud noises and sudden movement, but has settled in here really well as you can see from the photo. I took her to the vet this morning and she has had blood etc. taken to check for Leishmania and we await the results, but she is keeping really well so we are hopeful that the titre has fallen considerably. We have a full house here for Christmas but I am sure she will soon be friends with everyone."



02 Jan 2017

Caroline adopted Freedom: ”I adopted Freedom in October. I had met her at Dog Valley shelter earlier in the year and thought she was such a sweet and gentle dog. I was nervous about adopting as she is my first dog and I didn't know how it would all turn out. I need not have worried! Freedom arrived at my home and it was like she had always been here. Our first walk out together she was very scared of the other dogs and shied behind me. Now she bounces up to them, chases them around the fields and generally makes herself known to everyone who passes by. She is a happy, funny and playful girl and has lots of friends and fans! The happiest part for me is seeing her run in the woods where I live,  chasing all the scents enjoying herself to the maximum - living a happy dog life! ".

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