AGE (when posted):







About 6 months old *


Malinois Cross Pointer

Kanella is a big teddy bear! He is perfect with adults and children and is just a very 'soft' dog. He is medium to large but tall (about 23 kilos). He is well house trained, great on the lead, good with other dogs and he loves cats (plays with them). He is well behaved and listens to commands and loves hugs. He does not require too many walks and play time but he does like the garden and toys and maybe some company (like another dog). He was found along with his brother and sister (dumped in a car park) when they were 6 weeks old. Since then, they have been trained and one has already gone to her forever home in the UK. He is too young to be spayed but has had 3 vaccinations and deworming. All he needs now is a home.


*please note that this is the estimate age of the dog at time posted on website


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