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Our Rehoming Centre


Making dreams a reality! Written by Sian:


The dream of having our own rehoming centre is here!


JCDR have teamed up with Dog Valley to help rehome more dogs.


In November 2015, I was contacted by my friend, Nicole who works in animal insurance for Animal Friends. She told me that the company donates to charities, and it was worth us having a go at getting some funding. This couldn't have come at a better time. The charities were under a lot of stress and sadness with recent shootings and poisonings of some of the shelter dogs, resulting in a few deaths. With no high expectations (after all, we are a little charity compared to some!) we made the call and started the ball rolling with getting our name out there. We desperately needed help to keep these dogs safe.


Tony, another employee of Animal Friends, helped explain to us what the process was and what we needed to do to apply.


Weeks went on with phone calls and emails, and the date drew closer for us to plead our case.


A proposal was needed ... and needed within 2 days ... with all of us having other full time jobs, this was rather hard to do ...  but as a team we clubbed together and managed to put one together.


The day came where our case was being presented to the Managing Director of Animal Friends. Tony phoned to say it was happening, but of course, not to get our hopes up as lots of charities are going for the same funding.


We all eagerly waited for the call ... and it came. The first words of "So, I have just come out of the meeting" made us all sick with anxiety, but we waited on to then hear "We would like to offer you a donation"!!!


Our stomachs flipped, every single pound we receive helps to help these dogs, no matter how big or small the donation, we were grateful. The words next changed our lives as a charity forever ... "We'd like to offer you £12,000"!


I had to ask again what Tony had said, and asked him if he was joking ... I couldn't quite believe it. After crying, thanking Tony, jumping around and screaming, I got straight on the phone to Jodie who was in Cyprus at the time.


I withheld the news from her a little as it was rather funny ... but I eventually told her. Jodie is never one really to be lost for words ... the phone went silent, and I actually thought I had lost her on the line until she then burst our screaming and crying.


Our next person we told was Lynn (Jodie's Mum) and her first words were "We didn't get it did we? Oh, that's okay, we will just keep fundraising, no worries"


I told her the news .. and she started crying too.


Claire was then told, who was ecstatic and the four of us were in complete shock!!!


We had to keep the amazing, kind offer Animal Friends had given us until around January, when we then announced to the rest of the team and the followers on our page. Not only this, but Animal Friends gave us an extra £3,000 to do with what we wished ... so we paid off some of our vet bill so we could continue to spay and neuter the dogs!!


That £12,000 has helped us in so many ways. We have a new rehoming centre, which is safe, spacious and in every way a fantastic facility. All of our reserved dogs go here to be assessed and make sure they are 'flight ready'. They get one-on-one care and we can properly see their personalities and contact their new families with photos and videos. Dogs from Dog Valley Shelter are also slowly being moved there, ready to home.


Lynn and Jack (Jodie's parents) are already set in their roles and doing an amazing job of looking after the dogs ... cleaning, feeding, walking them all daily!!


The volunteers from Cyprus have been travelling to the DV Shelter as well as the Rehoming Centre to help the dogs in whatever way they can. 


And on the 10th May 2016, a lot of the volunteers from the UK and Cyprus got together for a 'Grand Opening' which was a huge success (we raised another 300 euros on the day)!


All of this was done by sheer determination and team work ... and because a company (Animal Friends) believed in us and what we do to help the dogs. Because of this, we can save more dogs, we can home them knowing we are confident of their personality, we can update families about their new additions to their families and we can in turn, help save more lives.


We cannot thank Animal Friends, Nicole, the volunteers, and our fantastic, amazing supporters enough for encouraging us daily to do what we do, for supporting us through thick and thin, and for believing that we can make a change.


Together, we can, will and are making a difference!!! xx


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