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About 8 months old *


Labrador Pointer Cross

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you... the one... the only... all the way from sunny Cyprus... SOLO!!!


A cream and light brown male pointer lab mix, Solo is approximately 8 months old, neutered and clean in the house. As a pup, he is of course still benefiting from general training and guidance. Could he 'hit the right note' with you?


Solo is described as being very loyal and loving, good with other dogs when playing off lead and doesn't like to stray too far. Brilliant with children, he is a cuddly, affectionate lap dog. As long as he is homed as an only dog (no 'duets' in this boy's repertoire I'm afraid), he really isn't any 'treble' at all. Solo loves a good run in the woods or on the beach and adores a splash in the paddling pool in the warmer months or a run in the sand.


Once he's enjoyed some exercise, he is also happy to relax at home. If you think you could be the 'key' to this boy's future happiness, please message the Adoption Team for a chat. It really would be music to our ears... and for all those of you who don't like puns... you have my total 'symphony'...


*please note that this is the estimate age of the dog at time posted on website


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Please note that we are all volunteers (with full time jobs and families and commitments) ... sometimes we are travelling from Cyprus with dogs or rescuing them in the UK ... we may not get back to you immediately, but we will respond.

Thank you for your patience.

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