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About 10 months old *


German Shepherd cross Beagle

Woody is adorable! He looks like a small version of a German shepherd. He was rescued from the woods were he was tied up to a tree, next to a farm, with no food and no water (he was only 4 months old). Since rescue, he has florished! He is house trained, very alert (so he may bark when someone approaches the gate of the house), very soft and demands hugs (if he wants a hug, you cannot say no)! He chases cats and barks at them becase he is afraid of them, but if the cat does not run and hisses at him, he just runs away. He is 17 kilos so will be small to medium size. He is scared easily by any loud noises / voices, but with some security, he should overcome that. He is good with dogs and children and people.


He may be better if Woody was rehomed in a house without other dogs, as he seems to be calmer and less protective (he tries to protect the other dogs) when he is the only dog. 


*please note that this is the estimate age of the dog at time posted on website


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