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Adopting a Dog or Puppy

If you would be interested in giving one of our dogs a forever home, please contact us.


Perhaps you can't adopt a dog? Then maybe you could consider fostering a dog until we find his / her forever home.


If you are unable to adopt or foster, please help us to bring the dogs to the UK and avoid them getting put to sleep by volunteeringdonating or attending a fundraising event (all proceeds go to rescuing the dogs).


If you can't see your dog here but would like to adopt ... then please contact us ... there are new dogs being rescued every day!


For daily updates, more information and videos visit FacebookInstagram or our Twitter account.

  • Who is responsible for vet fees for my new dog?
    JCDR are not responsible for any vet fees after a dog has been adopted (including spaying/ neutering), unless authorised by Jodie beforehand.
  • What happens if I've paid my deposit to secure a dog then I fail my home check?
    If this happens (which is highly unusual) then we would of course return your deposit. Please note that this is the only instance that we will refund the deposit.
  • How much does it cost for the charity to rehome a dog?
    The costs we incur, depending on the time of year for flights, are as follows: ​ Flight = £385 ‘approx’ (per dog) Traces = £30 (per dog)Rabies vaccination = £18 (per dog) Passport = £18 (per dog)Microchip = £18 (per dog) Worm and flea treatments = £20 (per dog) Leishmania test ‘where applicable’ = £26 (per dog) 4dx blood tests = £26 (per dog) Laundry costs = £18 (per dog) Crate return = £18 (per dog) Flight collar = £6 (per dog) Export Health Certificate = £30 (per dog) Food for two months = £50 (per dog) Neutering ‘where applicable’ = £80/90 (depending on whether male / female) Worming / flea / scalibor collar = £30 (per dog) Fuel bills for journey = £26 (per dog) In summary, bringing a single dog/ puppy to the UK can cost between £700 - £800.
  • How much does it cost to rehome a dog or puppy from Jodie's Cyprus Dogs Rehoming?
    In regards to our adoption process, our rehoming fee in total is £695* including additional traces and customs charges of £55.Three payments will be made by you to rehome your dog. We ask for a £220 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve a dog for you (only refundable in the case of a failed home check). A deposit shows commitment on your part, and allows us to confidently proceed. The remaining adoption fee of £375 will need to be paid at least 10 days before your dog arrives (when travel is booked) and then a final payment of £100 is paid for traces and customs clearance. To make your deposit or payment, simply make on online bank transfer to the account below, and put the name of the dog you would like to reserve as the reference. Don't forget to also contact us! *this covers part of the cost to our charity to rehome your dog to the UK.
  • What happens if we don't want to keep the adopted dog?
    It is in the contract you will have signed that if for any reason you cannot keep the dog it MUST be returned into the care of the charity and not sold on. Please note that the £500 is NON-REFUNDABLE after you have committed to the adoption. If you decide that you don’t want the dog / it isn't something you want to do we will not be able to refund you, as we still would have paid for passport / vet checks / rabies vaccination / microchipping / neutering and flight.
  • Is the dog spayed/ neutered?
    The majority of the dogs are spayed / neutered before they arrive in the UK, however they are sometimes too young to do this. If this is the case, it will be the adopter's responsibility to take them to a vet and get this done at the appropriate age. This is part of the contract. We advise adopters to send us copies of the vet invoice as confirmation that it's been carried out and we will carry out checks to ensure that it has been done if we don't receive these. We advocate spaying and neutering and do not want any rescue dogs to be used to breed from.
  • How do I collect my adopted dog?
    We will contact you before your dog flies to arrange a drop off / pick up point. We generally have 5 - 10 dogs with us and people from all over the UK, so we ask that you are flexible with when and where we meet. We will try and get as close as you to possible, however this is not always possible. Delivery of your dog may be at an unsociable time (due to the dogs and volunteers making sometimes over a 24 hour trip). We try our best to make the journey short and the time reasonable as best as we can. There may sometimes be delays, but you will be informed if this happens. If you are not able to travel to the meeting point and need us to deliver the dog to you, this may be an option (depending on location), however a fuel cost will be incurred Our dogs fly from Cyprus to Paris and are always accompanied by one or more volunteer. They then travel via the Euro tunnel to England.
  • Does the dog have to go into quarantine?
    No, as long as they have had all the following done there there is no quarantine anymore with European Passports (the law has changed). They need microchipping, rabies vaccinations, a passport and no more than 48Hrs and no less than 24Hrs before flying they have tick, flea and tapeworm treatment.
  • Do you provide any advice for when I get my new dog?
    We have a dedicated 'Aftercare Team' who will check in with you once your dog has been in your care for roughly 7 days and again after 1 month. You can contact our team at any time by emailing or head over to our Facebook page. More helpful guidance can be found by downloading our useful guide
  • What's the youngest puppy available?
    We rescue a lot of puppies, but they cannot fly until they are at least 16 weeks old due to the necessity of them having to have rabies vaccinations. Therefore, the youngest dog you are able to provide a forever home from us would be 17/ 18 weeks old.
  • How does the adoptions process work?
    It's simple... contact us and we will send you an adoption application form to find out more about you and the sort of dog that you are looking for (this is so we can match the right dog to the right person/ family). If you have a dog in mind, there is an option to write that on the form.​When a match is found, we will send you more information about how to reserve that dog and outline the adoption process in full detail. If at any time you wish to raise a complaint about the rehoming processes please check our procedure here.
  • Will I need to have a home check?
    Yes, once you have reserved your dog, a volunteer will be in touch to arrange your home check. This is to ensure you have a safe environment for a dog and to interview you to ensure suitability.
  • What vaccinations will my dog have? Will my dog have a passport? Will my dog have a microchip?
    All dogs will rehomed by JCDR will have a pet passport, microchip, vaccination against rabies and where age / time / medically appropriate, neutering. If a dog is too young to be spayed / neutered, this will be down to the adopter at an age appropriate time. All dogs are wormed and given flea treatment before the flight, in accordance to the law. We only vaccinate against rabies as this is the only required vaccination to fly. If you wish to vaccinate further, this will be down to you once the dog is adopted. Some dogs do receive a 'yearly vaccine' or 'puppy vaccine' as is recommended by vets in the UK prior to flying, but this depends on the shelter they were rescued from (please ask if you are unsure). Please note that these vaccinations are not required for entry into the UK or for dog owners in the UK - it is the dog owner's choice whether to vaccinate or not. All dogs are vet checked before their flight, and any medications / special requirements will be discussed with the adopter. We also conduct tests for Leishmaniasis ‘where applicable’ as an extra precaution.
  • Do I need to sign any agreement?
    Yes, you will be required to sign adoption papers / a contract for your dog / puppy. A copy of these can be provided prior to reserving if required.
  • What are you bank account details to make a payment?
    Account Name: Jodies Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Sort Code: 20-77-85 Account Number: 23398870 Important: Please contact us if you don't have the facility for online banking for other options.
  • What are TRACES?
    Pets that are being rehomed to a new owner in another EU country must be recorded on the electronic tracking system 'TRACES' a day or 2 before the pet travels. The TRACES entry will generate a certificate which must be included with the pet passport.
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