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Yappy Ever Afters

Sasha and Dan adopted Bobby: "We collected Bobby about 6 weeks ago and it was an all round anxious time when our resident cat Henry took an immediate dislike and moved out for days at a time. 6 weeks on, we are now one happy family!! Bobby has come on leaps and bounds, he's learnt lots of great tricks, he can be fully trusted off lead and loves nothing more than a good nap!! His love of halloumi cheese and burger baps have admittedly ruined a few dinner times, but we would not be without this cheeky chap!! He's most certainly here to stay!! :)"

Sasha and Dan & Bobby

Kerry adopted Fatsa: "We just wanted to share how well Fatsa is settling with us and how great he is - so responsive and adaptable and good fun! Also think the foster home must have done great work with him, and the people at the kennels - he is so well house trained and very good on the lead now too which was still an issue in his website profile - I was on the beach with him today and someone (another dog owner) said they had never met such a well behaved rescue dog! He was shy with other dogs at first but is starting to be more confident with them and LOVES to play ... he also loves my daughter and her friends.The only one who doesnt love him (predictably) is our cat but I am sure even she will come round in time. It is very hard to believe he has been with us less than 3 days!!! He really has 'come home'. Huge thanks, including the wonderful people who drove through the night to get him all the way to Edinburgh!"

Kerry and Fatsa

Jane adopted Zojo (now Joe): "We never intended to get our first Cyprus rescue, Daisy, but adopted her from the local rescue centre as company for our little sheepdog when we lost our other dog. She had come out of Paralimni dog pound in Cyprus, a discarded hunting dog, and we loved her the moment we met her. She turned out to be the sweetest, best natured dog we had ever had and she even charmed our little sheepdog who we were not convinced would take to another dog very easily. A couple of years on when we thought of adding another dog to the family there was no question of where it had to come from. We found Zojo (Joe to us) on the JCDR website and then looked him up on Facebook. He was another failed (or simply discarded) hound type, hunting dog, still located at their homing centre in Cyprus and from his description was ideal for us. Our contact with the team at Jodies reassured us about the ease of adopting straight from Cyprus and the whole process was straightforward. Joe was delivered to within a couple of miles of us, a very frightened little chap, but a real sweetie from the very first. He has turned out to be just as described, just as good natured as Daisy and absolutely delightful. 19 days after arrival he has settled in beautifully. He gets on with our other dogs, can be trusted to run free on our small farm and has never dreamt of touching any of our livestock – better than we expected. He loves nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa at night. Very many thanks to the whole team at JCDR from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing Joe, looking after him in Cyprus and getting him safely to us to enrich our lives (and we think he is probably truly thankful too!)”

Jane and Joe (was Zojo)

Lynda adopted Darren: "We looked after another of JCDR's rescue dogs for my friend whilst she was away on holiday. When she went home we missed her terribly, so we decided to help and adopt our own. We chose Darren and are so happy that we did. he is such a handsome boy. He loves the attention he is receiving and is already one of the family. If you are having doubts about adopting one of these poor animals then dont!!! They all deserve a forever home and the guys looking after them while they wait for that special person to adopt them deserve a lot of credit. They are all fantastic. SO go for it you too could be having as much fun as we are.”

Lynda and Darren

Catherine adopted Aris (now Porridge): "More than happy ... After losing our beloved greyhound a few months previous, I couldn't face having another as no dog would ever live up to him. We decided that we might like to adopt a younger, lab type dog. When Porridge's (was Aris) litter came up, both my husband and I filled out an adoption form, unbeknown to each other!! Fast forward a few weeks and Porridge arrived!! We could not have asked for a more intelligent, trainable, lovable rogue. He's an absolute joy to own and has slotted in to our lives so easily, including living with Muffin our cat! I would (and have!) whole heartedly recommend adopting from you. Thanks for finding and saving our little P man”

Catherine and Porridge (was Aris)

Stu adopted Dixie: "It seems that many families would recognise our story. We originally contacted the main charities and dog rehoming societies within the UK, only to be told that our children were too young for us to be considered for rehoming a rescue dog. We were told by a friend to look into getting a dog from a Cypriot charity. Initially we were not sure if it was all legal and allowed ... until we found "Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming". It was immediatley obvious that Jodie's team were very passionate about giving the dogs that find their way into their care a new start. After much reading and researching we started to look at the dogs that needed rehoming. We wanted a young dog, not a pup and after browsing we found Dixie. Her story touched us. She had pups with her at the time who were all being rehomed but not her. We enquired about her and made contact with Sian. We mainly dealt with Sian and she was brilliant! Very quick to answer any questions we had. The whole process has been a pleasure. After 6 weeks Dixie arrived with us. We could not wait to meet her. The description of Dixie was spot on. Her temprament is lovely and she is a very good dog already. She has settled quickly into her life and routine with us. I have managed to train her on the basics already. All in all we are a very happy family with a very happy Dixie. Thankyou Jodies Cyprus Dog Rehoming for helping us find our forever dog.”

Stu and Dixie

Carmen adopted Lola (sent to Naomi the day after adopting): ”OMG ... we are over the moon ... she is absolutely perfect ... and even more beautiful in real life (which I didn't think was possible). We've just come back from a nice long walk down the canal. She's really happy ... still having a good look around everywhere ... and having lots of love. Your charity is amazing!"

Carmen and Lola

Amanda adopted Shona: ”We adopted Shona and she was very shy and clingy at first but she has come out of her shell and loves everyone. She has made lots of human and doggy friends and even loves Kevin the cat. We are really glad we found JCDR and think the tireless work they do is amazing. We are also grateful to Alla in Cyprus who found and fostered Shona after she was abandoned. We can't imagine being without her now."

Amanda and Shona

Pip and James adopted Rita (now Lolita): ”We definitely have a happy dog story - and a happy human story too! Following the death of our beloved greyhound last November, we finally felt ready to adopt another dog this summer. Having three cats in the household already and not quite a 6 foot high fence as some rescue centres stipulate, we logged an enquiry with your JCDR and swiftly received a telephone call. We explained that we had no preferences as to type or age of dog but that they must be good with cats and not likely to jump the fence. We were recommended Rita (now renamed Lolita). On collection day, as most dogs timidly exited the van after their long journey, Lolita burst out full of exuberance and nothing has changed since. She is a complete bundle of enthusiasm and energy and makes us and the many people she has met smile. She is such an unusual looking dog (Shar pei cross Lab?) that we are frequently stopped with questions of "what is she?" and comments upon how beautiful she is. She has fitted in brilliantly and is a joy to have around - a real bonus addition to our household. We feel so lucky to be the guardians of Lolita and cannot thank JCDR enough for bringing us together".

Pip and James & Lolita

Gail adopted Otto: ”I was not adopting a dog from abroad as I thought there were too many in England - how wrong I was! Otto, our gorgeous pointer/beagle cross was obviously meant to be. We lost our previous dog in March and weren't in too much of a hurry to replace him. However our daughter had different ideas and had found Jodie's website and tracked Otto for weeks. Otto was being fostered in a Scotland and was on his way back to Shrewsbury. However he was being temporarily fostered on his way back - 2 miles from us! We met him that week and fell in love with him immediately. We adopted him as soon as the paperwork was done and it's like he's always been here and it's only been 3 weeks! He's great with our 17 month granddaughter and she loves cuddling him - as we do. Thank you everyone who helped rescue him - we love him to bits."

Gail and Otto

Sharon adopted Kanella Lilly (now Rosie): ”We adopted Kanella Lilly, now Rosie, after hearing about JCDR from a friend that had also adopted from there and had become a volunteer. Rosie was already in foster in the UK, so we were able to find out a lot about her and how she was in a home environment which we found very helpful. We learnt that she was very timid and especially scared of men so was aware that she would take time to settle. I instantly bonded with her and she's my little shadow following me everywhere and enjoys lots of cuddles and even sleeps under our bed! She's brilliant with the kids but still a little nervous around my husband but making progress everyday. She's a gorgeous, loving and well behaved dog that fits in with our family perfectly, would definitely recommend JCDR."

Sharon and Rosie (was Kanella)

Sabine adopted Jay (now Bramble): ”We decided to adopt a dog quite a while ago, in August. Our first addresses were of course the local shelter and the ones further away. We kept an eye on numerous websites, went to the big cities a few weekends in a row, without success. As a young couple living in a flat and both working full time (even though not at the same time) we weren't the jackpot adopters the big charities were looking for. Frustrated, we almost thought about buying a puppy when we came across charities that rescue dogs from abroad, and found Jodie's to look very professional and asked about two dogs on the website. The contact person, Sian, replied quickly and was very friendly. She answered all our questions, sent videos and helped us decide to adopt Jay (now Bramble). When the date of his flight was set we had enough time to prepare our home and lives for him as much as possible. Finally the arrival day came, and we met Jodie and Naomi in Carlisle, where a little sleepy and hungry dog jumped out of the charity van and took our hearts immediately. The first hours were very exhausting but Jodie and her team were there to help and answered all our questions. We have had little Bramble for a month now, he has caught up on his normal weight and he is just the best dog we could have ever asked for. He loves food so training him is easy, he is loving and protective. All the things he was scared of initially (bikes, cars, noise...anything really) he now accepts. The only thing he doesn't like and probably never will is strangers. We are very grateful to the charity for giving us a chance and bringing little Bramble into our lives, and we like to believe he's enjoying life with us too."

Sabine and Alan & Bramble
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