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Fostering a Dog or Puppy

If you can't adopt a dog, then maybe you could consider fostering a dog until we find his / her forever home. If you are unable to do either, please help us to bring the dogs to the UK and avoid them getting put to sleep by donating or even attending a fundraising event (all proceeds go to rescuing the dogs).


We are always looking for loving foster homes to help us during the time when some of our pooches are awaiting a home. Fostering is a great way to look after a dog and a great help to the charity.


We can fit near enough any family, and any situation. We constantly have dogs flying over in need of foster homes, so if you'd like to help, please contact us and we can talk through the requirements and what it entails.


What is required?
With fostering, we require a home check. We do ask for your contact details  (home address and phone number) so we can arrange for someone to meet with you. This is just to check that you have a safe environment for a dog. We also ask your family situation (children / other pets / working situation etc) so we can match a dog to best meet your lifestyle.


If the inspection is passed (which it usually is) we then put you on our list and contact you when we have a dog in need of a foster home that meets your family situation and the dog's needs.


Once you have a dog with you, it is obviously your responsibility to look after the dog's wellbeing (feeding / walking etc). If you need to take them to the vet at all, we ask you contact Jodie first (obviously if this is an emergency, we understand that cannot happen) as the charity will cover costs if previously agreed. There is no set time when it comes to fostering. The shortest we have had was 24 hours and the longest was 10 weeks.

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