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About Us

Jodie’s parents relocated to Cyprus and began finding and rescuing stray dogs. They then found homes for them in the UK and initially covered the costs of flights and vaccinations to the UK themselves, spending hundreds. Jodie's mum is also a dog groomer and through this, she started working with pounds and various other dog rescuing organisations to help rehome dogs to the UK.


In March 2013, Jodie decided to set up a website and a Facebook page to help to bring dogs to the UK.


Why help in Cyprus you may ask? It's due to the lack of help that the dogs have there. Dozens of stray dogs are found in Cyprus every single day. The majority of them (specifically those who are not just lost) are deliberately abandoned by their owners for various reasons: if they are hounds, they may be 'insufficient for hunting'; if newborns, it is normally because their owners already have too many dogs and did not plan for the litter; if they are old and belong to non-conscious owners, they simply abandon them. Even if they survive from starvation, poisoning, accidents or how they are dumped they will either be collected by the municipality and unless they have a microchip, they will end up in pounds or rescue centres. The pounds and rescue centres are just full to the brim in Cyprus and finding homes for the dogs over there is very difficult.  Many dogs are either abandoned or cruelly treated, if the dogs have been used for hunting then they can either get shot in the process, due to lack of training or left behind in the mountains / wasteland to die. Most of these dogs can become severely emaciated and in a really desperate state.


No animals deserve this treatment ... Jodie's Cyprus Dog Rehoming was set up to help rehome these deserving dogs.


We have been a Registered Charity (1156497) since 2nd April 2014. Please contact us to enquire about helping with fosteringproviding a deserving dog a forever home, or to donate to help save a dog.

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