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Dogs for Adoption


Sweet Alexia is a petite girl, although she looks much bigger in her photos.

Adopt Athena


Stunning Athena has got the most amazing ears. This very friendly girl has got a great temperament and is an absolute sweetheart.

Adopt Athena

Athena Puppy

Athena is a stunning and active puppy


Benson is a very placid, calm beagle mixed breed boy. He loves rolling over and having lots of belly rubs.


Billy is good with children, cats and other dogs. He is a happy and playful dog.

Adopt Blackie


Blackie is another wonderful woofer with a brave story.


Bruce is a very handsome black and white Sprocker. Bruce would love to be someone’s special boy and would blossom in a home environment.

Adopt Charlie


Gorgeous, stunning, handsome are all perfect words to describe Charlie.


Please take a look at the absolutely adorable Superpup, Cole. Cole is the sweetest 6 month old puppy that you could ever wish to meet.


Would you like a pup who is very responsive and a quick learner? Danny could be your boy.

Adopt Dingo


This striking looking boy is called Dingo. He’s around 2 years old and would love to find a family of his own.

Adopt Dixie


Dixie is a pointer cross, he's around 4/5 years old and loves to play. He also loves people and is a friendly boy.


This is the handsome. He’s a 3 year GSD and it would be great if we could find him a home.


Felix is a very sweet young man of around 12 months old who is looking for a loving home.


Fiona is a very happy 5 year old mixed breed girl. She loves other dogs and people, including children, and likes nothing more than to give kisses!


Gabriella is a gorgeous girl. She’s 2 years old and gets along brilliantly with other dogs.


Hope loves attention and is a real cuddler. She’s good with other dogs and older children (6+) but could not live with cats.


Ivan is around 7/8 years old and would love to be part of your family he was left outside the pound, abandoned like a piece of rubbish.


This handsome boy is called Jacky. He’s around 10 months old and is good with other dogs.


We would like to introduce you to Juliette. She is a lovely, young Labrador mixed breed and she likes to be active but she is also affectionate and enjoys her cuddles.


What a stunner! Kira is a really beautiful girl, just look at her fabulous ears!


Hello from our beautiful Lary the Lab Cross, this friendly boy loves people and can live in a home with children too.


Leo is a super brave woofer. He was found on the highway with a broken leg after being hit by a car.


Leon had a lucky escape after being found wandering close to a very busy road. He is a very loving, easy-going chap who gets along extremely well with children and other dogs.


Lovely Loki needs a home. This wonderful boy is approximately 2 years old. He likes to be active and adores being with people.

Lolly and Pop

Lolly and Pop are two beautiful sisters who are each looking for a home of their own.


Louisa is an amazing girl. She is around 4/5 years old, super sweet, loves everyone and thoroughly enjoys being trained.


When Luna was found it was obvious that she’d recently given birth to puppies. She’s still under a year old herself. Luna is doing well and has now gained some weight and is in much better condition.


Lychee is a Litse hound and very typical of his breed. He’s a lovely, friendly boy and still just a pup of only around 8 months old.


Meet Mailo. This little guy was abandoned by his owner and is really struggling with life in the kennels. He really needs to be getting lots of love and cuddles in a forever home.


This super boy Milo was found wandering the streets with his sister when he was only 5 months old. Some kind soul took them to the shelter but since then a year has passed and Milo’s sister has been adopted but he sadly waits for his chance of a home.


Misha is an older boy at 8 years. He was found living in a cemetery and was very thin. Misha is a sweet GSD mix who is good with adults, children and other dogs.


Molly is approximately 18 months old and small in size weighing just 11 kgs. Molly is currently in a foster home and is now ready to find her forever family.


Cute Pup Alert!!!!Would you like to meet Naomi?
Naomi is a typical happy, friendly pup who is full of fun.


Nkori is the kind of girl that is full of fun and loves life. She’d love it even more if she was lucky enough to be offered her forever home.


Who is this sweet woofer I hear you ask? This is Oliver! He was barely alive and rescued from being put to sleep by a kind soul.


Oscar is good with other dogs and has a lovely nature. He really would make a lovely family dog.


Pepper arrived at the shelter with his mum who now has a home and will be leaving soon. It would be amazing if someone could offer a home to Pepper.

Philip Lab Mixed

Strikingly handsome Phillip is a a young, playful, active boy. He is Lab size and around 18 months / 2 years old

Philip Mixed Breed

Philip is a very handsome Jura Hound. He is around 2 years old and gets on really well with any dog he meets.

Playful Puppies

We have a selection of boy and girl playful puppies in need of homes, can you help?These pups are only around 10/11 weeks old and already growing fast.


Sadly Poncho was found alone in the mountains. Do you have a spot in your home and heart for him?


Here we have Rikkos. He is a young boy of just two years old. He has the most expressive face, as you can see from his photos.


Riley is a large German shepherd, he's around 18 months old.


Super Rocco is a very young lad who loves to be active. He is extremely friendly towards people.

Rocco Love Bug

Rocco is a super boy of around 2-3 years old. He’s just so happy and friendly. He’s a real love bug with so much love and affection to give to everyone that he meets.


Here is the lovely Pointer mixed breed boy, Roger. He’s still only around 12 months old and just a baby.


Romeo is a dinky guy who weighs around 4-6kg so he wouldn’t take up much room at all. Romeo is super friendly and as you can see he really has the best smile for whoever he meets.


Sasha is a very pretty girl who looks like she’s wearing her make up for her photo shoot!

Sasha GSD Pup

Here is the absolutely gorgeous Sasha. This pretty girl is a 6 month old GSD pup who is getting used to walking on a lead.


Scout just wants to say hello. He is a gorgeous, medium size boy who is looking for his forever home.


Sergeant is a very friendly, handsome male GSD. He is so well behaved and he is free to wander around the shelter as he pleases.


Meet Sheldon, affectionately known as Shelly, a clever boy who's 2 years young!


Handsome Skipper has the most stunning eyes. He is a bi eyed Collie mixed breed boy of around 3-4 years old.


Take a close look at this little guy and you will notice that he’s quite unique. Sky has one blue eye and one brown one. Come and find out more!


Skye is an adorable young boy of around 18 months - 2 years old. He listens really well and is very eager to please.


Snowy is a happy, friendly, playful girl who gets along with everyone she meets.


Are you looking for a happy, playful boy? Toby is the sweetest lad who just wants to be friends with everyone. He is a very affectionate boy who would like an active home.


Terrific Tosca is an 18 month old girl who is looking for her forever home. She is friendly with people and good with cats and other dogs.


Affectionate Victor loves attention.


Wally is a super young lad who is happy, friendly and playful. He’s a curious boy and he loves to have some time out of his kennel.


Please meet Wesley, he's around 4 years old and has been at the shelter for nearly two years...


Please say hello to our gorgeous Wolfy who is 3 years old. He is keen to learn and listens and responds well to instructions.


Beautiful Yennifer is a 5 year old Istarian hound, she is very sweet natured and is good with other dog.


Meet Zorro, he would love to find a home to call his own.

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